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Belbin Price Guide 2022



This is the current price guide for Belbin Australia profiles, reports, full systems and accreditation courses.  It can be downloaded as a PDF document, or scroll down to read.

3 simple options to purchase Belbin


1 – Online Paypal / Credit Card purchase 

Buy online from our store using PayPal / Credit Card.   We then set up your own online “Working Account” which you can access online, has some basic admin features and that you can check progress with.  Profiles come automatically to you as PDF files upon completion, and any required team reports upon request.


2 – Contact us first and then we’ll invoice you

Call or email us to discuss your needs, we can then invoice you and when processed, tailor and set up your very own online “Working Account” which you can use to access and check progress. Profiles will come to you automatically upon completion as PDF files upon completion, and any required team reports upon request.


3 – Purchase your very own Belbin Interplace System

You will then have your own in-house capability to do everything.  Set up your own working accounts, process profiles and infinite combinations of reports with complete access and control.  Comes with a host of great functions and extras, with far cheaper per profile pricing and free team, relationship and job comparison reports (initial job requirements exercise equals one profile unit).  Call or email to see if this is viable for you based on your anticipated usage. 



Price for Belbin Individual Profiles and Reports


A/ Via your own ‘Working Account’

Including the full Belbin self-perception questionnaire conducted online; and 360 ̊ observer input (as required with standard online purchase system is set 4 Observers). Completed reports are sent to you and / or participants automatically as a PDF file (11-14 report pages depending upon whether SPI with OBS or SPI only).

Retail Rate for Online Sales / Working Accounts:

Up to 50 profiles: Aud $85 per profile

50 – 99 profiles: Aud $75 per profile

100 – 199 profiles Aud $65 per profile

Special Belbin Accredited User Rate

$65 per profile flat rate


B/ Via your own Interplace System

Purchase of a full Belbin Interplace system gives you complete access and control to set up and administer all of your own Belbin profiling and reports along with many features and extras. Call or email to see if your planned use of Belbin makes this a viable option for you.

Initial system purchase and set up is for 200 units @$45 per profile. This gives you the full system, all features and extras and 200 profiling units.

Aud $9 000 (including full system functionality and 200 profiling units).




Belbin Interplace System Owner Unit Replacement Prices


Up to 50 profiles: Aud $43 per profile

51 – 99 profiles: Aud $37 per profile

100 – 199 profiles: Aud $33 per profile

200 – 499 profiles: Aud $31 per profile

500 – 999 profiles: Aud $27 per profile

1000 plus profiles: Aud $25 per profile

Team Reports:  Free of charge with own system.

Working Relationship Reports: Free of charge with own system.

Job Requirements Exercise: Subtracts one profile unit per use.

Job Comparison Reports: Free of charge with own system.


Team Reports


Combines the data from individual profiles to offer a comprehensive team snapshot and practical advice based upon the team role chemistry of any selected team.  People need to have competed an individual profile first.  Simply select and notify us of the required people for inclusion. If purchased online you need to check progress of your online account and let us know when your team have completed their individual profiles to your satisfaction.


Retail Rate: Aud $150 per team report 


Accredited User Rate: $110 per report. 


Working Relationship Reports


These short one page reports offer a team role snapshot and useful advice for the relationship between any two people for whom you already have individual profiles. 


Retail Rate: $30 per report

Accredited User Rate: $20 per report



Job Requirements Exercise / Comparison Reports


A/ The Job Requirements Exercise / Report


Completed by the manager or person hiring for the role / position / job or managing the placement, as well as offering Observer inputs from others that know the role well.  It gives a snapshot and practical advice based on the behavioural requirements of the role.


Retail Rate: $85 per report


Accredited User Rate: $65 per report.



B/ The Job Comparison Report

Compares in Team Role terms with useful advice any candidates for whom you have individual profiles and the ‘Job Requirements / Report’ for Team Role suitability.

Retail Rate: $40 per report

Accredited User Rate: $30 per report


DVD Trainers Package – ‘Fire Toast and Teamwork”


Take the pressure off the start of your sessions, simply hit play and let this professional, engaging and amusing DVD explain the Team Role theory and the basics of the 9 Team Roles.  Heaps of extras and comprehensive instructions, workbook and handouts. 

Retail Rate: $1 200

Accredited User Rate: $1 000


Belbin Team Building Games ‘Co-Operate’ Package

Three great team building games in a backpack complete with all instructions and props.  Easy to set up and use to bring the team roles to life and add some action-learning to your Belbin sessions.


Retail Rate: $1 200


Accredited User Rate: $1 000





Belbin Book – Guide to Succeeding at Work


An easy to use and practical guidebook to making use of the Belbin team Roles and your own profiles at work.  Useful for any person who uses the model, and great follow-through for session participants to help take their knowledge to the next levels back at work.

Retail Rate: $17 per copy

Accredited User Rate: $15 per copy



Official Accreditation in Belbin


Whilst Accreditation is not mandatory to use Belbin, it is of course highly recommended if seeking to use the model optimally, at depth and with enhanced credibility.  The two-day official Belbin Accreditation Course includes in-depth instruction in all aspects of the model and its uses, globally recognised certification, access to special resources and the right to use the Belbin “Accredited User” logo. 

In Person Aud $2 200 per person / Online Aud $1 800 per person



A Belbin “How To” Session

These are half to one-day sessions that are tailored to bring new and existing Belbin users “up to speed” on how to understand the Model, interpret the profiles and reports and make practical use of the Model ongoing.  This is a great option if you have people needing to get familiar with (or re- acquainted with) Belbin but not needing to be fully Accredited. 



GetSet Profiles for Students

The very latest version of the Belbin profiles and reports for high school and university students (recommended age bracket 14 – 21years).  

Designed, normed and scripted to help students identify and articulate their strengths.  Comes complete with a comprehensive set of reports and inbuilt student workbook.

Up to 500 profiles: Aud $25 per profile

501 - 1000 profiles: Aud $23 per profile

1000 plus profiles: Aud $21 per profile